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Ken Hegarty / Deejay Personality

Aside from trying to get a dual citizenship on Mars, Ken the Spacefish can be seen spinning some delicious 80’s alternative tunes on his satellite of love, generously dubbed 80X.  He comes equipped with offbeat soundbites from his vault of terror (a.k.a. his collection of weird, vintage TV shows and 50’s/60’s exploitation films) and his other-worldly sense of humor (but that’s nothing to worry about).

Born in the sleepy town of Denville in New Jersey, Spacefish was raised on a diet of Batman, Frankenstein, and of course 80’s alternative radio like WLIR in New York and KROQ in Los Angeles.  So now he lives his mad scientific dream of delivering such classic gems to the musical audience, along with some B-sides, forgotten deep cuts, and the occasional “evil” novelty song.

So if you’re ever in the mood to kill off that heavy boredom of yours, remember the wise words of Ned Scott, “Keep looking. Keep watching the skies.”

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