Matt Kenny

Matt began being a co-host for the show What’s Happening in the fall of 2016, a show that features discussions about topics that are trending in social media and on numerous news sites. Matt loves talking to his friends about the latest movie news and music news, so this show allows him to do that with his friends Anthony and Vinny.

Music and movies news are always on Matt’s mind, and his taste in music and movies allow for the show to thrive in conversations. His favorite artists include DNCE, Nick Jonas, Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers, and New Kids on The Block. His favorite movies include Back To The Future, Speed, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, The Matrix, and Titanic. When he is not on the radio talking major news trends, he is writing music and critiquing movies with his friends on campus.

What’s Happening airs every Thursday afternoon from 2-3 PM on WNTI.org

Matt Kenny,