Richard Hinchliffe

In the fall of 2016, Richard Hinchliffe was pleased to join Centenary University, where you will find him teaching “Audio Production” and other courses and managing the online student radio station, WNTI.org. As Assistant Professor of Radio/Director WNTI.org, Professor Hinchliffe supervises the station’s day-to-day operations with a team of student managers who run the music, news, sports, web/social media, promotions and production departments.

The students and volunteer DJs provide a variety of programs, with music of all kinds – from rock to reggae, rap, blues, folk and jazz. Sports shows highlight Centenary and professional teams, and feature athletes and coaches as guests. The news team reports on Centenary student government and activities, as well as national and world events. The radio station is a place for learning, innovation, experimentation and fun.
As a radio station manager, producer, reporter and educator, Hinchliffe has worked with students and professional colleagues at Montclair State University, Union County College, Bloomberg Radio, WNYC Radio, NPR, The Associated Press, CBS Radio News and elsewhere. He has written and produced programming on news, business, sports and the arts, and his professional articles include “The News from Poems: Radio and the Humanities” and “A Commitment to Excellence: Radio News for the 21st Century.”

A native of the Boston, MA area, and a lifelong member of “Red Sox Nation,” Hinchliffe lives with his family in Glen Ridge, NJ.

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