Scott Judy

I made my debut as a DJ on WNTI in the summer of 2016, when I was asked to fill in for another DJ who was taking a vacation the week of July 4th .  Always listened to Crow’s Nest on Saturday mornings and was a friend of DJ Jeff Rusch. When Jeff retired I was asked to replace the great man.  The new show is called “Americana Hours.”

I was born in Rochester NY June 20, 1959 and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 6-1/2 years old.  I just got my 50-year medal for living with the disease so long.  I reside in East Stroudsburg, PA. Past president of Monroe County Diabetes Society. Member of Kiwanis Club of Poconos-Daybreak 1983 to current.

I run a music show series for Kiwanis twice a year to help financially-wstrapped families with special needs children to give the children a great Thanksgiving and Christmas. The music is family-friendly Americana. I am the membership/sponsorship coordinator at the Sherman Theater located in Stroudsburg, PA.

My WNTI show highlights many performers from my Kiwanis shows, Sherman Theater shows and live shows around the country I have or wish I had been at. I support live music! I have always ended just before my last set by stating “Go out & hug someone you hate. The world is a mess that needs some more peace and love.”

Scott Judy,