Mission Statement

The Mission

It is the mission of WNTI.ORG to advance the broadest educational goals of Centenary University through the operation of a full service, professional internet radio station that encourages its audience to pursue a quest for lifelong learning.


To carry out its mission, WNTI.ORG will serve listeners by:

  • Broadcasting distinctive programming that will inform, enlighten, inspire and entertain audiences from diverse cultural, educational and socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Providing programming to listeners interested in contemporary society that is anchored in popular music, art and culture and the traditions that have inspired them.
  • Distributing programming in a non-commercial setting through traditional radio technologies and through electronic media such the Internet and direct broadcast satellite.
  • Maintaining financial independence, attracting necessary financial resources from listeners and organizations that value WNTI.ORG’s programming.
  • Maintaining a creative, knowledgeable and talented staff that will provide quality programming, attracting necessary financial resources and using them judiciously, and gathering information and knowledge resulting from a relationship with our listeners.