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WNTI Radio Monthly Meeting

27 February 2017 News

“It was a cross-generational meeting of DJs at WNTI’s weekly radio meeting on February 22 at the Lackland Center on the campus of Centenary University. Long-time community volunteer DJs joined student radio directors and DJs to review the week’s highlights, including five new or expanded student shows. Surprise DJ guest “Cableman Dan” spoke to the students about his Sunday night shows, which celebrate Native American music and culture. The students and volunteers made plans to drop in on each other’s shows as WNTI continues to build a student-run radio station at Centenary. The station can be heard streaming worldwide on WNTI.org.” (Pictured, L to R: Justin Dalcourt, Lloyd Jones, Cableman Dan Baynes, Katie Peters and Justin Chumas)

Richard Hinchliffe
Assistant Professor of Radio / Director, WNTI Radio