The great music melodies of Saka

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My show will be about music from the 60s ,70, 80s ,90s and 200s in which I will play some of the all-time favorites of the old and new generation of different styles and genres , also I will be giving a couple of history on a certain select few of the artist how I play to give inspiration to others and will be giving certain amount audience a chance to tune in and request a good number or a limited number of songs to play on the radio station whether it be for a love one ,someone they like or just for them to resonate with life. This radio session will be a fun and amazing experience as I will try to entertain those in need that are going through something to make them feel relaxed and enjoy the day after a long day of work or whatever they are doing. AS for the people I am interviewing I do not have a guest yet however the idea of having people from the centenary campus come on the radio show is still open for debate in my mind unless I am able to find people from over the phone tuning to the station, off campus or right around the Hackettstown to come in and talk about whatever is fun or eye opening.

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