Lulu Gascoigne / DeeJay Personality

Lulu Gascoigne shows

Lulu Gascoigne was born and raised near London, England. She was “constantly surrounded” by music from a very young age and recalls one of her first memories as choreographing a dance routine to the first record she  ever bought (“Crazy Horses” by the Osmonds) in her living room at the grand old age of 5.

Her Uncle Paul was tenor sax player with the “Ram Rods” (“a skiffle band of dubious star quality but lots of talent”) and her father John (“dubious talent but lots of star quality”) convinced her that she was an official Blue Cap by playing a constant stream of early country and rockabilly music and making her wear his navy blue knitted wool work cap. Meantime, her mother wanted to marry Paul McCartney, her grandmother wanted to marry Tom Jones, and her grandfather wanted to BE Frank Sinatra. “Musically it was everywhere!”. She plays guitar and banjo (“both pretty badly but I enjoy it”).

Lulu has taught dance in England since 1981 –as a student teacher in 1983 and qualifying as a member of the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dancing in 1986. She is also a member of the Guild of Professional Teachers of Dance.  Most of her work involves teaching Latin and Ballroom dances, including Swing and Carolina Shag. She has also worked as a choreographer and coached teams in Hip-Hop and Latin Formation. She has taught dancers of all levels, abilities and ages. Lulu says it is “impossible” to teach any kind of dance without having a “love and appreciation for all kinds of music.”

She is married to “Baldy” – more commonly known as “The Golden Gup” – the veteran NJ Disc Jockey heard on WNTI – The Sound of Centenary.

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