Author: John Del Re

Centenary University President Dr. Bruce Murphy presents a special episode of his podcast “Murph on the Mic.” On this episode, Dr. Murphy reflects on the meaning of Memorial Day.

Hello! I’m Karl Hricko of United Astronomy Clubs of NJ, bringing you the May Starwatch for WNTI-The Sound of Centenary   When I drop a ball, it falls down instead of up.  We call this phenomenon “gravity”. It’s defined as the natural attraction between physical bodies, and it causes things to fall towards the Earth.  […]

Well, we made it to Spring.  Our DJ’s looking forward to a nice summer off before coming back to campus in late August. WNTI is looking forward to another semester of exciting events on campus.  And we want to be a part of the campus experience, especially on The Sound of Centenary. If you ever […]

Hello! I’m Karl Hricko of United Astronomy Clubs of NJ and the National Space Society, bringing you the April Starwatch for WNTI-The Sound of Centenary I feel it tugging on my body. I’m being pulled into an area of space that’s curved in on itself. I can now see the back of my head. If […]

Welcome to our 3rd episode.  This week we are discussing first generation college students.

Since the pandemic many schools have been searching for additional ways to meet the social and emotional needs of students. Creative scheduling is one way to address those needs at no cost to the district. Tonight, join hosts Fran Gavin and Tim Frederiks as they welcome doctoral student Kristen Kries into the studio to talk […]

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