Starwatch for January 2022

Written by on January 11, 2022

Hello! I’m Karl Hricko of United Astronomy Clubs of NJ and the National Space Society bringing you the January Starwatch for the WNTI.ORG audience.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are now beginning a new orbit around the Sun. That’s how we measure a year.  January was placed as the first month of the year by the Romans because it was named after their two-faced god, Janus.  He was called the Guardian of Gates and Doors, with one face looking backward, and the other looking forward. He was also the God of Beginnings. Janus was celebrated as the Portal of Heaven, and the transition between the past and the future. This idea leads to our celebration of the eve of our New Year, as we make our resolutions to improve ourselves–beginning with January of this New Year. According to legend, Janus became the ruler of the kingdom of Latium, and gave sanctuary to Saturn, who was fleeing the wrath of Jupiter.

Jupiter can now be seen to the southwest in Aquarius after sunset. To its lower right, Saturn is seen in Capricornus, followed by Mercury to its lower right just above the horizon. At dawn, from left to right, Venus is in Sagittarius, and Mars is in Ophiuchus, looking to the southeast.

So, as we celebrate the month of Janus, let us try to keep our resolutions while we focus our eyes on the “Portals of Heaven”.

Until our next Starwatch, don’t forget to check out, …what’s up in the night sky!





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